World Peace is Possible + the Reason why I’m Blogging

The illusion we long for the most. Over the centuries there have been significant individuals who have come onto this earth attempting to end all suffering and unite the world as one.
The impossibly idealistic vision of coexisting in total harmony with no room for fear, hatred, greed, the list goes on…

When we observe the terrible things that have happened/are still happening in our society today, it seems like complete nonsense that “world peace” could ever exist, and if so, what would have to happen for it to manifest??


As human beings, we believe in finding a logical explanation to solve every problem.
But what if the answers to the biggest problems cannot always be spoken? And what if these solutions are all a lot simpler than the voice in our heads leads us to believe?


The reason why mankind has not been able to make progress in evolving is because of the big old concept of CULTURE. There are many ways to define what culture is, but its biggest components such as, law, the media, money, all fuel our egos to believe that the only way to succeed in life is through material abundance. As a consequence, we grow up to think that life is like a competition and we must come out ON TOP in order to die feeling like we’ve achieved.


Most of us don’t think to question our enculturated minds lead by egoic desire to be right and that we must defend our values because this unconsciousness is how our brains are wired so it’s simply not possible to see otherwise.


UNTIL, some people are fortunate enough to experience a certain SHIFT which biologically alters our neural brain structure and suddenly, we begin to realise there’s more to living than what we have been raised to believe. It’s when we become CONSCIOUS of the UNCONSCIOUS that we realise culture is purely a mind-set.


It’s at this point we begin to recognise the powerful intelligence of the voice within beneath the voice of the mind. The one, true voice of the spirit which guarantees a life of unconditional bliss. To believe in only finding love without will guarantee a life of misery.


When we realise that fulfilment and prosperity cannot be measured by what we gain externally, we learn that we have already won and there is nothing to win.
Just being alive is winning.


As children, we are totally vulnerable and acceptant that whatever we’re told is right is so. At the same time, blissfully ignorant of the adult stresses and strains most likely to be experienced later on.
I’ve been babysitting for 6 years, not only to earn extra cash but also because I enjoy spending time with children because they remind me to reawaken my openness to endless possibility and to concern only with what is happening in the present moment.
Time and time again I’ll see young kids throw the biggest tantrums and then 10 seconds later they’re smiling again as if nothing had happened. Their emotional cognitive brains have not yet developed to experience resentment or bitterness.
Wouldn’t it be great if they grew up in a world where they wouldn’t even reach that point?


My Dad once said to me, “It’s funny how as I’ve watched you grow up I’ve seen you go through phases of obsessions. First the girl band Girls Aloud, then gymnastics & video editing (your greatest passion of all), then Miley Cyrus, and now this Buddha stuff. Another one of these phases, I wonder what you’ll move on to next.”
I burst out laughing, then sighed and shook my head.


Once you become aware of self and are able to take a step back and observe the mind for what it is, just a mind, you don’t go back; you can’t go back.
Your mental state is transformed forever.

You have reached the beginning of the phase of transcendence, the beginning of the deterioration of the ego and the journey towards leading a life that only acts out of compassion, joy, and acceptance.


In the last four years, I can recall the number of times I’ve become genuinely infuriated on one hand. Most of the time when extreme negativity tries to arise in my mind, I can quickly identify that it is not me and that I have a choice to say no to becoming intoxicated by the ego’s wrath, and so I do.


“Rule your mind, or let it rule you”


It’s difficult at the beginning to implement mind control when you experience awareness for the first time, but through practice it becomes easier and the natural reaction.


Meditation helps with this. Centring within and on our hearts actively rewires our neural structures until positivity and compliance become automatic response.


So, at this point we come to our conclusion.


When heart intelligence rules, the ego is destroyed. This could also be referred to as enlightenment. If everyone were to think like this, we would be able to transcend through to the next stage of evolution and so in support of my initial statement, we would reach world peace.


If you look at our continuously growing population, it seems unrealistic right?
But it’s already happening!!
The dawn of the new era is already well under way.
As a society we’re beginning to become more informed and receptive of consciousness. Many corporations and organisations are beginning to implement mindfulness training programmes in human resource management.
Managers are aware of the importance of empathy and recent business models demonstrate that employee-oriented strategies function better than task-oriented strategies.


It’s occurring all around us!!

There’s still a long way to go but we’ve made more progress in the last 18 years than in the 2000 prior to that.
The light at the end of the societal tunnel is a lot closer than we think.


This is why I’m writing this blog.

Through the experience of my own awakening, my one true internal voice communicates that I must speak up & contribute to making the vision of world peace, a reality.


I know this can be hard to get your head around so comment below if you need any further explanations and let me know your thoughts generally!! 🕉

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