Wake Up Juice Better than COFFEE!

You betcha !
Say goodbye to your long-term sidekick, coffee has been undergoing a serious make over in the last year or so.
People are realizing it’s addictive qualities and potential long-term effects.
Now I’m not going to go into detail listing all the potential crippling illnesses you could end up with in this worst case scenario because the internet is filled with enough torturous self-diagnosis material as it is.. 😒
So instead, I’m just going to touch lightly on how excessive coffee consumption can disrupt your digestive levels and induce stress (that old flame, le caffeine crash).

Good news friends !

There are alternative wake up juices that’ll fire your mornings AND your body will love you for it ❤️

Here are some of my favs that I’ve tried with minimal ingredients! (Because not all of us have a salary big enough to fund exotic ingredients from the far, outer edges of planet earth and beyond, yet… 😏) :

1. Turmeric Tonic:
1 tsp turmeric
2 cm ginger
1 firm grind of your black pepper mill
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp honey (optional if you want a sweet kick) 😋

There’s a lot of variations of this drink but the main essentials you should get in there to switch you on and boost metabolism & immunity are: turmeric (of course), lemon, & ginger. I like throwing in a bit of pepper to add further health benefits and also because spice is life.

2. Matcha:
1 tsp matcha tea powder (organic is always beeest)
Hot water or Almond/Soy milk

You’re probably well aware of the matcha hype as the main replacement for coffee everyone’s going crazy for, but it’s not the cheapest alternative, especially if getting to go from a coffee shop. The powder itself is also more of an investment that your usual Nescafé Gold buuut if you’re the kind of person who can’t get through the day without at least one coffee then I recommend you make the investment..

3. Chicory based “coffee”:
My Mum introduced me to this one and I must say it is impressive!! Caffeine free and almost tastes like the real deal! I’ll confess the first time I tried I was sceptical because, at the end of the day, when someone tells you “it almost takes exactly like the original!” You’re just expecting it to taste the same, but it never does!! Once I put my stubbornness aside and gave this root vegetable-based imposter another go, it quickly grew on me… The placebo effect from its similar flavour might wake you up more than reality but I’ll always feel ready to do life nonetheless!

4. Herbal Green tea
Ah the well adored, 21st century fad that is classic herbal green tea.
Honestly, I find most herbal teas do the trick as many contain a small amount of caffeine, but the list of physical benefits seem to go off into infinity. I’ll drink a mug every morning without fail as I love the way it rehydrates & naturally wakes me up rather than jolting me alive like coffee.

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