How to Slow Down Time

We live in a world pressured by time.

Deadlines, meetings, all kind of responsibilities, no wonder we’re such a stressed-out society.

They say time flies when you’re having fun, but I find it disappears even faster when tending to the umpteen number of to-do’s in daily life.

We try to multitask believing that doing several things at once will be more effective to check off all the boxes. Sure, you might do the jobs faster but probably not very well. You’ll only stress yourself out even more and with your attention stretched all over the place, you’re more than likely to make a botch job of all many responsibilities you’re juggling.
We worry ourselves by not having enough time to accomplish everything and funnily enough, that’s exactly what happens. If you adopt a mind-set of believing that time is always working against rather than for you, mental signals are put out and like a magnet, the physical manifestation of that belief is drawn back.


By living through our same mundane routines, time seems to pass us by faster because we’re not subject to anything mentally stimulating.

It’s when we focus our attention on something we haven’t experienced before where our awareness increases.

Our perception of time actively slows down as we become totally absorbed in what’s happening around us.

So, through paying careful attention we can “control” how long something lasts.


Can you see how embarking on the daily work grind and spending many an evening mind numbingly scrolling through your social media feeds seem to sail by quicker than you’d anticipate?

Next thing you know you’re finishing off the last of yet another kilo of Christmas chocolate on boxing day whilst listening to your Grandad rant on about how spoilt and fat kids are these days. AGAIN.


They say change is good for the soul for a reason.

By experiencing new things; travelling to new places; changing jobs more frequently, time will appear to pass slower.

By making the conscious effort to complete every task in a mindful manner, you’ll have a more immersive experience and feel less stressed.

Make friends with time and watch life become much, much easier. You’ll also be able to look back and not only feel much happier but also remember more of what you’ve done too.

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