The Truth Behind Ascension Day

A very prominent thing that I’ve learnt on the spiritual path so far is that spirituality is the foundation of all religion.

The core to every religion is love.

The wrong turn occurred when each became aware of the other which consequently gave rise to conflict.
Every religion believes their god is the righteous figure to seek solace in.
Now equally, the essence of spirituality is love but also presence. However, what religion missed was the realisation that no one out there will be able to heal you or answer all your questions. Only you can do that.


The ultimate plot twist: god is not out there, god is within you; and so, don’t depend on god saving you because only you can save yourself.

We are each all one and the same.

As man has evolved, so has our culture.

Culture ultimately stems from mankind’s necessity to differentiate & belong whilst feeling a sense of self in relation to everyone else.

Through this enculturation, our unconscious mind/the ego has strengthened, consequently causing the development and engraining of negative emotions such as greed, pride, & hate.


Throughout history, we have been taught in our most innocent and vulnerable years that one day we will be successful, but until then it will be a long, (perhaps even miserable) road until we achieve our life’s purpose.

We’ve been told we must confine to the strains of our dogmatic society and comply to the rules set in stone by hierarchical structures.

Constantly needing to PROVE our worth and slave away until this can be achieved.


As mentioned initially, spirituality is the foundation of all religion.
I am not religious and through my research have realised that religion is a man-made concept which steers our species further and further away from our truth.


Jesus Christ however, is an interesting character in history.

He was an enlightened figure with the aim to awaken the world to our true potential.

He attempted to bring to our attention that we are made to transcend.

It is our biological birth right, blocked by enculturation.

He saw beyond the limitation & restraints of society and he lived above the restrictions of the human mind.
Jesus vibrated on a higher frequency & along with the mental, physically ascended after death too.

All he ever wanted was to make the world a better place and prevent mankind from continuing down the dangerous path it was heading on, further into ego and further away from transcendence.


However, due to the hard-engrained FEAR in our society, where there’s constantly too much concern and insecurity over what’s to come, we are unable to open our hearts vulnerably & confidently at a constant.


Jesus tried to explain that in this one moment there is only a way of simply being.

No preconception, no conclusion.

Today is the day, and this is the hour, always.


The issue was that people couldn’t understand how someone so naturally euphoric and trusting in his surroundings could be talking truth.

There’s no WAY life could be as simple as that, people thought.


This is the irony about enlightened figures that have walked our planet. The holiest of teachers are often killed because their messages go against what the average believe in.

Their encouragement for an ideal reality seems too good to be true, so in turn they are thought to be insane & consequently destroyed.

Instead, we choose to collectively reduce ourselves to a spirituality that rides on fear and so believe that our grandest truth is in fact the ultimate false lie.


Look also at more recent examples, John Lennon or Martin Luther King, both brought to this earth to once again try and change the world by spreading the message of love, equality, and acceptance under any circumstance.

Sure, they both still made a positive impact, but we’re still choosing to make life hard for ourselves by accepting and accommodating to the governing structures and organisations, day in, day out.


Life was never meant to be this way.

We are born to radiate and receive joy and compassion in the ever-present moment.


It’s as simple but as complicated as that.

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