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My name is Tori.

I’m not much of a Netflix binger. I love to read & research the things that make me understand what passion is.

I wonder often about all the ways I can make every day the best day ever through establishing positive habits.

7 years spellbound by spiritual enlightenment & mindfulness, I’ve learnt a lot about the importance of self-love to get you where you want to be.
The more I learn, the wiser I become & each year as I age older, I’ve become happier as I implement mindful living into more & more areas of my life.

So I’ve decided to make a blog with the intention to inspire the way I have been, & to contribute towards making this world a happier, more compassionate place!

Weekly blog posts providing ideas for:

☀︎ Healthy (most of the time😉) recipes targeting various diets:
☼ Pescatarian
☼ Vegetarian
☼ Vegan
☼ Ketogenic / Gluten Free
☼ Ayurvedic

☀︎ Tips to become more mindful: learning about how your brain
works & understanding how to work with your thoughts/emotions to be a 24/7
100% badass!

☀︎ Effective workout tips to ensure fast results (combine with clean eating &
become the definition of physical goals😉)

☀︎ Tips to become aware of your non-physical being & enhancing spiritual growth (combine with mindfulness tips & become the definition of mental stability😉)

See how these areas all link?

We spend a lot time worrying what other people think about us and concentrating too much on what’s going on around us that we forget to look within & focus on what we as individuals want & need.
Living a positive, healthy & compassionate life can get you wherever you want to be in life!

The most important part is to establish BALANCE, because a weekend wine bar visit is still okay too.  😏

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