What is your Bad Mood REALLY Telling you?

We experience waves of negativity which sometimes have a reason attached to them, and sometimes do not.

If you’re a 20 something year old person like myself, by now you’ll have developed a rather strong love/hate relationship with a certain phenomenon called hormones…

Those Sunday afternoons spent beside yourself hanging off the end of the bed in your underwear hating life? Stop for a second and think about WHY before tucking into a third maxi pack of doritos…


Reasons for a bad mood:

  • A problem we haven’t dealt with
  • A problem we haven’t realised
  • A problem we can’t avoid – hormones, stage in lunar cycle


We all experience unpleasant thoughts and much of the time try to shake them by focussing on something that’s going to pick us up and feel happier without actually addressing what the problem itself is.

Sometimes the mood is more so inescapable due to mother nature. Many believe that our emotions are partly in tune with the energy of the moon. Therefore, each phase of the lunar cycle has significance regarding our motivation and productivity levels.

It’s very easy to forget the things that get us down by brushing them under our mental carpets, but doing so only prolongs the unresolved issue causing further build-up of tension until breaking point…
If you find yourself with recurring harmful thoughts about something, don’t just ignore it by running away, something is evidently not right!!

The sooner you face your problem and investigate how to resolve it, the sooner you can set yourself free…
☀︎ How to do this?

Take action & LET IT GO.
Change is the only way to break a habit; clear a pattern.

And so, for those times when you really can’t seem to work out what is bothering you, it’s perhaps where you are in life in general. You need to drastically modify a major component of your everyday experiences.

Take the time to tune in and observe the imbalance in your happiness. Meditation is an effective tool to learn more about yourself and your needs.
Through silencing the chaos of the unconscious mind, we can allow our conscious minds, our soul voices, to rise up from the deep depths of our beings to reveal the truth.
Besides meditation, another way to get to the bottom of a problem is to write out what bothers you on a piece of paper. When we can physically witness these issues written concretely in front of us, feel some weight immediately unloaded from our shoulders and we can understand better what’s getting in the way of attaining happiness.


Whatever the gravity of the problem, remember this, a situation is only made a problem if you choose to react that way.

At the end of the day, everything in life just simply happens. It’s the emotion you choose to respond with which makes it either good or bad.

Therefore, no problem is ever as bad as it SEEMS, even something like death.
It’s hard at first but try to respond to every negative situation by focusing on the positives. There is always a positive in EVERY situation, no matter what.

The challenge is to keep your anger or sadness at bay to make life easier in the present moment.


If you reflect on your life so far, I bet the majority of the events experienced that you’re most grateful for now, once upon a time felt like hell on earth.

Real life nightmares are secretly blessings in disguise.
Through enduring the bad times, we grow.


So, Hey! YOU THERE! Put that bag of triangle shaped nacho cheese covered goodness DOWN.  Rather than wallowing and feeling as if the whole world is against you, see this as a chance self-explore and grow. After that, sit back and reassure yourself that this too shall pass, and better times are coming as a result…

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