Realising Your Calling

This week I’ve had the privilege of finding a spirit mentor. This has been one of my main missions in life for the last few months. Ever since I began to notice strange light orbs appearing in photos taken of me, I’ve felt a deep-seated longing to get to the bottom of what these perhaps mystical manifestations could be. The beginning of spiritual transcendence? Also, like most other 21-year olds, dealing with the daily battle of what I want to do with life as the end of uni draws nearer. So many questions yet to be answered.

Following the Law of Attraction, I made it my priority to draw a guide into my life. I didn’t know how or where, but I knew it would happen if I focused my attention and kept observant for signs and opportunities to progress in my quest.

Lone behold, I tried out a yoga class this week and much to my delight, the teacher knew of someone that could give me some direction. I acquired the number of a spirit guide and arranged to meet a couple of days later. I expressed my passion for enlightenment and asked whether these bright clusters of infinite possibility were a sign of something supernatural, or stranger yet, if I am something supernatural?


His answer?


“I don’t know.”


I don’t know?!?! For real?!


As you can imagine, this wasn’t the response I had been looking for…


I explained my theories and he nodded in consideration and said, “It is whatever you believe it to be.”




“The point of being a guide is simply that, I can provide you with knowledge and direction, but you yourself will uncover the answers on your own.”


Despite a hint of disappointment, deep down I had expected him to say something like this.


“You yourself must strive, the Buddha only points the way.”


As a conscious individual, I apply spirituality to everything I do in life. It has helped me make good decisions and deal with the consequences of bad ones. But sometimes it’s hard to be consistent living in a world surrounded by people who predominantly live on the unconscious level and act accordingly to how society tells them to act, and on a deeper level, how their ego tells them to act. Therefore, it’s easy to slip back into this state and so lose touch with who I really am which is where the fear and uncertainty begins to resurface.


Out of the six hours we have spent together this weekend, one of the many reassuring things he said which stuck with me the most was, “as humans we experience one of two states, we are either a part of something or apart. Isn’t it interesting how these words which are almost the same have completely opposite meanings?”


WOAAH, DEEP BRO. You got me there.


I sat back in awe of that enlightening realisation. I had never made the connection between these words before. Something that seemed so obvious once it was brought to my attention, despite being right under my nose the entire time. It’s funny how this kind of unawareness reoccurs in an abundance of life situations.


I could write pages and pages about all the uplifting and philosophical things we talked about over the course of those few hours but the main takeaway for me was this…


On the matter of “finding yourself” and discovering your purpose in life, don’t obsess or worry about finding the answer through someone or something else. It is a lot simpler than you think.


We are all brought into this world with our destinies pre-determined. Some of us find out sooner than others but the main thing is not to worry or compare yourself to anyone else. The most important thing you can do is keep the faith and trust in yourself that you are on the right path and everything that happens is for a reason.


Whatever big decisions you are to make during the course of life, in order to make the RIGHT ones, we must tap into our inner voice to find the answer. Not the egoic voice which tells you what you should do based on what society tells you to do or what fear tells you to do but do what really FEELS right. Tap into your intuition; your gut feeling, and really LISTEN to what it’s telling you.


Sometimes you might not feel anything or maybe even more confusion. I don’t want to preach but, at this point, as my mentor said to me, meditation is an answer. Through meditation we tap into our higher self and find clarity. The real you which always knows best if you make the effort to tune in with it. This is why I make meditation the first thing I do every morning to remind myself that I can succeed in whatever I come across in the day to come.


Better yet, succeeding doesn’t always have to mean winning, because even when we lose we still win, win the wisdom of knowing how we can do better next time or knowing that this isn’t the right thing for us. And through that we get one step closer to the truth.

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